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About Optimal Home Buyers

At Optimal Home Buyers, we are more than just another home buyer! Our goal is to help homeowners find real solutions that will help them to meet their goals. Home sellers have options and it is important to learn about all of them before deciding how to sell your home!

Whether you decide to sell your property directly, utilize our fix and list program, or sell your house the traditional way with a Florida real estate agent, our team is ready to help you! We want to see the absolute BEST for the homeowners we talk to, whether or not they opt to work with us. Reach out to learn more about us and what we can offer you! 866-982-5370

Meet Our Team

Marco Padilla


Marco, our CEO started his real estate career as an acquisition sales agent for one of the largest real estate investment companies in the nation. His extensive experience and passion for helping people through real estate led him to create wonderful solutions for many families throughout the years. Since starting the company, Marco has helped dozens of families with their real estate needs and providing them with a win-win solution while keeping in mind the well-being of the families involved. He upholds the core values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything he does. His passion to help out the community is a core value that he shares with everyone in his team.

Aside from all those, Marco is a proud family man and recently welcomed his firstborn Mateo alongside his wife Katherine.

Irene Daileg

Operations Manager

Irene, our Operations Manager makes sure that everything is in order within the company. She works with the entire team to ensure that all things on the operational side is flowing smoothly. Irene oversees everything that goes on in the company and makes sure that everyone is communicating well. One can see the years of experience that she’s had with Real Estate Industry as she makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Her desire to help others is a perfect match with the company’s vision to help the community.

She is a doting wife and mom of 2 girls and 7 fur babies. She loves to paint, cook and read during her spare time.

Luis Pineda

Acquisitions Specialist

Luis is one of our Rockstar Acquisition Specialist. His goals is to continue to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, travel the world and experience new cultures. He lives by these 2 mottos: 1. Never give in, never give up, 2. I don’t know where the limit is, but I do know where it’s not.

A jet setter by heart, he moved by himself to a new country and a new culture and lived 3 months in Thailand with a host family that only spoke Thai.

One quirky thing about Luis? Every year he meticulously plans a prank on his family for April Fools Day! So to Luis’s Family, you have been warned!

Alejandro Rodriguez

Acquisitions Specialist

Alejandro, being a Rockstar Acquisition Specialist that he is, has a vision to help and assist over 100 families transition from their current situation to a better solution and to expand OHB nationwide. He believes that you can define your success by the amount of effort and perseverance you put to achieve your goals.

Born a natural achiever, he has represented TEAM USA (Triathlon) in the 2013 World Championships in London, England for a chance to qualify for the Olympics. He also got a Scholarship at Lynn University for Athletic Achievements (Soccer/Triathlon).

If you can’t get enough of him then lucky you, because he’s 1 of 5 Alejandros in his family tree.

Sheryl Galsim

Marketing Manager

Being the Marketing Manager, Sheryl works hand in hand with Irene to ensure that our marketing is on the right track. She keeps in contact and works with the rest of the team to make sure that we have a strong marketing plan. She’s also in charge of our postcards, letters and other printed ads. Plus, she’s also great on the phone with our Leads.

Sheryl feels very fortunate in being able to combine all the things she loves the most. Maintaining a happy and healthy family life, with her husband and children, and a thriving career is by far the greatest achievement she considers in her life.

Daisy Morales

Assistant Manager

Daisy, our Assistant Manager, is our paperwork guru. She assists our CEO with personal and admin tasks. She works hand in hand with Irene to make sure that all operational admin tasks are finished on time. Daisy also works with our Sellers, keeping in contact, and making sure everything is right on schedule.

Her family has always been her top priority. Her work as a Virtual Professional has helped her find the balance in managing a blooming career and taking care of her lovely family.

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